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E-Liquid Testing

As a part of ECTA, Lifestyle Cig recognizes the need for standards and appropriate testing for E-Liquid. Our eliquids are submitted twice a year for testing with a laboratory compliant with Health Canada testing methods. Our eliquids are tested for the following components/elements: 

Component / Element Protocol
Nicotine Concentration GC/FID Analysis
0.1 mg/ml
± 10%
Diethylene glycol (DG) GC/FID Analysis
2.23 µg/ml (ppm)
< 100 µg/ml (ppm)
Acetaldehyde HPLC/UV Analysis
0.640 µg/ml (ppm)
< 100 µg/ml (ppm)
Acetoin HPLC/UV Analysis
0.841 µg/ml (ppm)
None Set (Informational)
HPLC/UV Analysis
0.742 µg/ml (ppm)
Non-Detection Goal
< 22 µg/ml no disclosure
< 100 µg/ml (ppm) disclosure
> 100 µg/ml (ppm) is Fail
Formaldehyde HPLC/UV Analysis
0.846 µg/ml (ppm)
< 30 µg/mL (ppm)
Acetyl Propionyl
HPLC/UV Analysis
0.840 µg/ml (ppm)
Non-Detection Goal
< 45 µg/ml no disclosure
< 100 µg/ml (ppm) disclosure
> 100 µg/ml (ppm) is Fail
pH Level Karl Fischer Analysis Target Levels (Informational)
5.0 to 8.5
% Water Karl Fischer Analysis None Set (Informational)
% Propylene glycol (PG)   ± 10%
% Vegetable glycerin (VG)   ± 10%

* MDL – Method Detection Limit or Level of Detection (LOD). The MDL remains constant with some variation from test to test depending on the calibration of equipment. 




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